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Urban Decay Pulp Fiction Palette Swatches and Review

What’s the difference between this set of nude mattes and the Naked Basics?

That was the first question I asked when I saw it.

I have to say packaging wise, the Naked Basics look much better of course. The Pulp Fiction palette comes in a generic black cardboard with print in McDonald’s red and yellow. Yes, McDonald’s was what I thought of. Glamorous, not.

The interior isn’t particularly exciting looking as well. You get 4 pans of shadows, one split into 2 colors. 


BUT - I must tell you I do prefer this set of colors to the Naked Basics. 

I feel the Naked Basics has too many pale beige tones. You could do the job with 4 of the shades in that palette, and a couple of those would look pretty similar on the lids. With Pulp Fiction, you get a better balance of dark to light. 

There’s the essential black for defining, a nice deep taupe, a warmer tea-toned medium brown, a beige for blending, and a pearl white for highlighting.

This is a smokier palette than Naked Basics. Meaning if you use equal amounts of each color on your lids, the overall look would be a bit more intense and darker looking than if you used equal amounts of each color from the Naked Basics palette, which contains so many pale beige shades.


Texture is smooth and fine, but you will need to use a primer. As you can see one of the shots above, without primer, you will get patchiness, as matte pigments don’t like to stick to dry lids. But make sure you use a minimal amount of primer and blend it out properly cos you don’t want the shadows to stick in one patch either.

Be very careful of fallout too. Another problem common to matte shadows.

It lasts if you prime, so I don’t have too much to say about the staying power. I didn’t get oxidation, and I do think matte shadows (when primed properly) have less tendency to crease than shimmers, but they’re not bullet-proof either, so just make sure you prep your skin.

Do I recommend it?

If you LOVE neutrals and don’t already own the Naked Basics, yes this is a good one to look at. ESPECIALLY if you want to create a slightly smokier sexier eye most of the time. Remember the babe in Bruno Mars’ “Just The Way You Are” video? This palette will give you that kind of eye look.

But I’ll be honest - I don’t like the presentation or packaging. I know they want to go with the pulp fiction theme but I think it could have been done better and sleeker. And I know a lot of girls might give it a miss just because the packaging and how the colors are presented is quite “meh”. But that’s just my opinion! 


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Anonymous asked: Tips for dry/ peeling lips? 😝 I bought a matte lipstick and I can't even wear it cause of my lips!



  • Use some type of lip scrub/ exfoliator on your lips. You can use a clean toothbrush to exfoliate the lips(cheap way), just rub the brush over your lips in circular motions to remove dead skin from your lips. You can also make your own lip scrub at home with products in your kitchen. Take mix honey, white sugar, and lime juice and apply on your lips! Or you can also use some sort of lip exfoliator, I love the one from ELF & its only $3 so its very affordable.

  • Keep your lips moisturized with some sort of lip balm, I use the bite beauty agave lip mask & dior creme de rose balm (they’re my favs)



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